Chasing Stormi

Find your self-worth while breaking your people pleasing habits Today!

Benefits of Chasing Stormi


We help you find your self-worth, empowerment, and courage to step outside of your comfort zone to become the best version of you.

Peace, Positivity, & Gratitude

We strive to help you find your inner peace, positivity, & gratitude.


We don't just talk the talk. We provide services and product to help you walk the walk successfully.

We strive to empower those that struggle to maintain their self-worth by providing epic content, motivational speaking, and online courses to assist in breaking people pleasing habits, promote personal growth, & help Storm Chasers survive their storms with style, class, and a little bit of sass.

Featured Products

Books written from personal experiences of conquering personal storms with style, class, and a little bit of sass.

Motivational speaking on topics such as "I'm Broken and It's Beautiful" and "How I Broke My People Pleasing Addiction in 5 Steps".

Online courses that help you grow into the best version of you. Coming Soon!

"Stormi's personality jumps off of each page with her narrative about the storms of her past, and how she refused to let the past define her. Stormi offers inspiring advice and take readers on fantastic adventures as she steps out of her comfort zone and discovers her true self once again. [Surviving the Storm] is a wonderful story of inspiration and should be enjoyed by all!"

-Hillary Englund

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